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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

What is the best picture to look at Google by 'Idiot'?

What is the best picture to look at Google by 'Idiot'?

Google did not search the image by typing 'idiot' on Google? Do you have any idea what pictures can show there? No! Then search the image by typing 'idiots' from your own smartphone or laptop, from desktop to google once.

Will have to look with a little mind. Because, seeing a little better, you can understand that most of the pictures shown on Google search show a prominent person. You can be surprised if you hear the name, then you can also burst and smile! Because, most of the images shown on Google search as 'idiots' are the current US president Donald Trump! That is, most of the images that were tagged with 'idiots' in Google search engines or uploaded on that topic are mostly US President Donald Trump

A picture of a trump is seen at the beginning of this search result. This image has been uploaded from a website called 'babyspitol'. It is known that this website is sometimes used to taunt many members of the US Conservative Party and the various ideas or decisions of this group. But not only '' Bicipital '', many such websites have tagged 'idiots' or uploaded photos of Donald Trump on that topic. 

However, Bollywood film director Rajkumar Hirani's famous movie 'Three Idiots' was called 'Idiot' for the three genius friends. Donald Trump may have thought of something in most cases! What do you think!

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