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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Do not share this information on Facebook! May be a serious danger!

Do not share this information on Facebook! May be a serious danger!

In the meantime, the Facebook authorities have to face more than once the question regarding the security of information. Facebook users have already deleted many accounts. But without deleting a Facebook account, there are a few things that can be easily avoided by hackers. Facebook's name and address can be easily accessed by all the details of his bank account. If you share the phone number above it is no longer saved. Get instant phone calls from hackers If you open an account on Facebook, you should not give any accurate information about yourself? That's why! There are several issues that should be kept in mind before putting personal information on Facebook. Let's know that there are some important things to do.

On Facebook or on a visit to a restaurant with friends, posted pictures on Facebook. Tagged the place or name of the restaurant. Know your personal information on Facebook Besides, the hackers also reached the news! In the recent past, there have been cases of stealing in several areas of the city including Salt Lake, Kolkata, on the basis of information received from Facebook.

Do not go to any other page from Facebook to shop, or do you? Buy a debit or credit card? Do not do that. Many people are victims of card fraud due to this debit or credit card information. Has been lost in the wheat fields.

Do you understand the location set on Facebook? If you set the location on Facebook, you are getting detailed information about your location. If you use Facebook from mobile, then there is a problem or danger risk.

Share information about boarding passes on facebook? The horrific danger is calling itself unknowingly. Because your boarding pass barcode number allows hackers to get all your information easily.

Think before you share pictures of family children, wives or girls, or pictures of your own personal moments on Facebook. With the pictures of a pornographic website that can be used by hackers to engage sexually transmitted criminals.

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